Kwaito Lives On

After Death of Legend, Artist Vow to Keep Traditions Alive...

As the week has been overshadowed by the death of a Kwaito legened,  Mduduzi "Mandoza" Tshabalala, the notable stars  have chosen to stand together for the sake of one of Africa's fastest growing music genres. As they came together to remember what was in the life of a fallen comrade, they decided to take a step further in the direction of their fans. Notable artists such as Brickz , Mshoza, Arthur Mafokate, Msawawa, Mapaputsi, Sbu Ma-Lawyer and others banded together to state that they would continue to produce the hits they have been since the early 1990's in Mandoza's memory but simultaneously begged for the public not to pirate their music.

Many have stated that Kwaito has made the way for other genres on the continent, including hip hop and pop, and the artist seem to be taking a stand in its support.

"All artists that are here, we must stick together. This is a genre that can't die. It has made us all, and many stars in this country," said by the great Mandoza himself. Many others like "Brickz" (aka Sipho Ndlovu) pleaded with fans to stop believing that Kwaito is dead because they feel that they have been able to revive it.

The artists have also stayed strong with their plea to local radio broadcasting to help with other artists, as well as Mandoza's, families get the piece they deserve from their music royalties.

At the end of the tragic funeral for the fallen artist this week, Kwaito performers closed the memorial with a performance that left attendess on their feet and the world prepared for Kwaito music to stay for good behind the charge of the artists together, rather than individuals!