Artist Forever in the Spotlight: Mandoza

Icon dead at age of 38

The Kwaito legend and icon throughout all of Africa, Mduduzi 'Mandoza' Tshabalala has recently lost his yearlong battle with cancer and has died on 18 September 2016 at the unfortunate age of 28. After experiencing difficulty breathing early in the day he was rushed to the hospital and was announced dead upon arrival. The musical magician discovered that his cancer had resurfaced in the past few months and had just began his new round of chemotherapy last week.

President Jacob Suma has stated that:

" South Africa has lost one of its pioneers, whose music appealed to a cross section of our people - young and old- and was known to have achieved the uniuqe crossover culturaally to be enjoyed by bot black and white South Africans,"  (

Being the notable artist and even greater man, his reach extended past the shores of South Africa and his movements that crossed the barriers in his country had began to cross barriers throughout the globe. He was able to live his final moments in the arms of his family and close friends and will be buried this Saturday. He was set to perform a Kwaito tribute concert but it looks like these stars will do everything they can to pay tribute to the Kwaito man of the ages!