Artist Spotlight: Bongo Maffin

Take a look into one of the most influential Kwaito groups and see where they are headed!

Bongo Maffin was birthed in 2006 from the minds of a an unlikely DJ and Producer named Oscar. The group was then comprised of a member named Appleseed, who was born and raised in Zimbabwe and provides the group with their own kick of reggae and soul. Stoan comes from Mmabatho in the North West Province, and is a Tswana language artist and last but not least there is Thandiswa who was known as a Xhosa girl with roots in the Eastern Cape. The group's movement has sometimes been compared to other influential African groups such as the Fugees, and looks to incorporate every single piece of their heart into every single piece of music they produce.

The group continued to expand their reach as they were able to sign with world renown record label Sony Music International and releasing three award winning albums (The Concerto, Bongolution, and New Construction). They were also able to reach many different facets of the world and constantly surrounded themselves by other movers and shakers (pictured above with Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson). After many years of touring, producing, and changing the face of Kwaito music around the world, they have been credited with shifting the music world into a new light in South Africa. Kwaito has since risen from the depths and has begun to start taking over festivals, dancehalls, and clubs in the great country of South Africa!