Taking on the World… One Deal At A Time!

Khuli Chana is Inking His Way to the Top...

One of the biggest artists in South Africa is taking both his and the entertainment world by storm and becoming one of the fastest rising stars in the land. With his music speaking for himself, he has set his sights on growing his brand… and bank account!

Khuli is already one of the most paid artists in South Africa, and is not even thinking about slowing down his momentum, in fact he is more than ready to do the opposit. Even early last year the star put his name along side one of the most illustrious names in the auto world and inked a deal with Aston Martin! Now many of us would think possibly, “Wow! What a big step!”, but not Khuli! He is already looking forward to his next big deal and can not wait to unleash it on the world.

Recently his name has been associated with another huge brand, one whose name also stretches across nations and to different walks of life. That name is Absolut Vodka! He recently has appeared in ads, photo shoots, and even was able to place his known signature on a colorful and stand out bottle to place on shelves not just in South Africa, but across the world.  Keep an eye on this rising star, because we are sure that he has a few more “tricks up his sleeve”!


Photos provided by: brandsrus1.wordpress.com www.slimpromos.co.za