SABC to Nurture Homegrown Talent!

The Station With the Big Step Forward

As of May of the year 2016, the SABC or South African Broacasting Corportation, has put themselves and the people around them in a position to make a splash. Although talked has risen about this topic before, it is finally becoming a reality and almost 90% of music played on their broadcast will comprise of local and home grown talent!

 Their local spokesperson, Kaizer Kganyago, is enthusiastic for, “The music to be played will be across all genres, with a special focus on genres such as kwaito, jazz, reggae and gospel. In addition, the SABC will play more music from legends in the industry as well as up and coming artists,” ( This means the floodgates have burst wide open for local talent and acts to get the proper airtime and play to make themselves known to their community.

This seems to be a gigantic leap in the right direction for not only the artists but listeners around the country as well. Music in South Africa is like blood to a human being, and it runs deep within each and every individual. This allows the people to hear the beauty of music with their own personal touch and live as one through the airwaves!