Kanye West "Life of Pablo" - Release Worth Waiting For

Kanye set Feb. release for album "Life of Pablo"

It has been a long time, 3 years to be exact, since we have been able to hear something worth praising coming from Kanye West musically.

Now to be honest, he has been on his clothing line, keeping up with his new Wife, and playing daddy to his two new baby's but unfortunately for his fans, this forced his music to fall a bit short. Now he has flipped the script on his fan base with songs like "Real Friends" ft. Ty Dolla $ign and "No more parties in L.A." ft. Kendrick Lamar (Link for both songs above), and seems to be on a mission to bring us all back to the "Graduation" and "College Drop Out" glory days. Back when he was producing his like "Jesus Walks", "Slow Jamz" and "Golddigger", Yeezy proved to us that he was a name to be mentioned with the greats. With these new songs, he shows us that the self proclaimed God, may really still be at the top of his game.

"Life of Pablo" which is set to release February 11th, 2016 shows that Mr. West seems to be bouncing right back to where he belongs. This is his 8th studio album and with an important announcement that comes right around the turn of the new year, he seems to be setting the pace for possible album of the year. With top flight features such as Post Malone, Rhianna and even Paul McCartney, Kanye brings along the star studded support for the ride and hopes to once again make a name for himself at the top of the music industry.