Artist Spotlight: "Keke"

Keke Was Born to Sign Gospel and Has Devoted His Life to Doing Such...

Kekeletso Phoofolo, otherwise known to the Gospel world as Keke, was born and raised in the Soweto region of South Africa and had a late introduction to the world of singing. When he was younger, it was said that Keke had a great desire to be in the military but music had other plans. In 1994 he signed with Zoe Gospel Music, as a back up vocalist. Down the road, he was given the opporunity to compete at the "Shell Road to Fame" as a solo act and his career had no where to go but up!

He shifted his focus in 1998 and had an oppotunity in the Kwaito industry with a group named Kom-Kom for a short period of time.  He then  returned to his roots in 1999 while on tour with the famous Benjamin Dube and found his way into "Joyous Celebration 5" as one of the lead singers. As time pressed forward he had the opportunity to work with widely known artists such as Bheki Mseleku, Winston Mankunku and Umoja and is possibly most known for is call from the Queen of Swaziland. She was said to have asked him to produce a "live" recording of the Redemption Choir from 2001-2004. Two years later his solo career sky rocketed and he has never looked back since.

His first solo album Restoration was a smash hit and allowed him to have the freedom and resouces to keep working as a solo artist. He was able to even produce a live DVD recording for his second album and successfully launched his third album Living Testimony with great support and suprising success!


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