DJ Mag List: Judging More Than the Artists

Once Again the List is Getting Popularity...and Notoriety

After another unbelievable year in the EDM scene, it was inevitable that the list being compiled of the Top 100 DJ's on the planet would have a bit of controversy. With world famous events like Ultra Worldwide, Electric Daisey and Tomorrowland taking place all over the globe and smaller events in many of our back yards, the electronic music scene has flourished into something many didnt see coming; a global movement! The leaders of this movement are those behind the turn tables, those pressing the buttons and turning the knobs, and those we have all grown to love and admire...But what does the world really think of them?

As the famous DJ Magazine set the stage for their annual revealing of their Top 100 list, talk already started brewing on whether or not the list was going to depict a popularity contest or a skill appreciation compilation. As many seem to take both sides of the arguement, many of the worlds top nominee's were very vocal on what they thought of the list. Performers such as Hardwell and Dillon Francis voiced their opinions on social media or on stage at their biggest events and made it pretty clear that they were not in agreeance with the judges.

Most believed that it was fitting for Martin Garrix, who burst onto the scene at just 18 years of age, would take home the top spot this year and become the youngest ever to win the award. But what of the others? Who fills out the final 99? What do you guys think?

Take a look at the list in the first link above, Other DJ's responses in the second and follow the third link to our Facebook page and tell us What's Your Vibe on the order of this years list...