Artist Spotlight: Die Antwoord

Take a look at the group that is shaking up the world of EDM and join us in attempting to understanding what makes this duo tick!


This shocking duo has been making waves in the music, and mainly the EDM, industry since 2008. The group that consists of former rappers Ninja, Yolandi Visser (Vi$$er) and DJ Hi-Tek, Die Antwoord has based its vibes off of the "Zef" movement known for its counterculture motives and harsh realities. They have even been known for their cult following and basing some of their music videos off of fan artwork and even known artist Roger Ballen. They also tend to perform in three different languages Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa and have grown to extend their listening base to many different nations across the globe. 

In Afrikaans, "Die Antwoord" is translated to English as "The Answer", and they are certainly one of the most popular South African new age acts today. In 2008 they released their debut album $0$ and made it available for their fans and listeners as a free download on their official website. In the same year, their Youtube channel reached its maximum potential when their hit single "Evil Boy" (Link Above), which was produced by American production sensation, Diplo, reached over 30 Million views. They were also, at one point, awarded a record label from Interscope Records and in 2010 had their first international performance at Coachella Music Festival in California for over 40,000 people.

After a certain disagreement over direction for the group, Die Antwoord  and Interscope parted ways thus making way for the group to start in their own direction with their own label. In 2011 they started Zef Records and released their new studio album Ten$ion through their new brand. Two years later in 2013 the group was able to accomplish a European tour and made a huge announcement for their 3rd and most recent studio album "Donker Mag" in 2014. 

To explain where  their career has reached, Die Antwoord was able to appear in the film Chappie for director Neill Blomkamp which was released in 2015, playing as parents of a sentient robot who tries to teach him how to be ghetto. The group is certainly something to be proud of tor the nation of South Africa and has been able to make a wave in the music industry throughout the world! Check in with Music ZA for latest Die Antwoord news, media, and events.