Up the Creek - Music Festival Showcase

For a one of a kind experience, come join the crowds at Up he Creek Music Festival this year! On January 28th-31st come meet us in Swellendam on the river and make sure to bring your float to enjoy the weekend with some of the best people around. This festival breaks the bonds of VIP Guest lists and rushing from stage to stage to catch the band you want. With over 30 different performers and 3 different stages you would think there is more chaos than perceived but you would be wrong...

For years Up The Creek presented by Jaegermeister has been a show for all audiences. This festival not only allows its audience to sit and relax comfortably among their peers in the comfort of the beautiful Breede River but also does not have overlapping performances. This means that there are no conflicting ideas about who to see and who not to. Who to miss, and who to make sure you see. This allows each performer to be recognized just as much as the individual performing before and the individual performing after.

The festival also caters to different types of individuals on a more personal level as well. They offer cuisine from snacks and spit-braals to many different vegan trets as well. With beverages ranging from cocktails to coffee your thirst will for sure be satisfied. So grab your float, grab your friends and come on down to the river for a time that you for sure will not forget.


Up the Creek Music Festival

January 28-31 2016

Acts including: The Balistics, The Vanilla, Crimson House, Guy Collins, Bark, Georgetown, Jon Savage, Kings Down South, Rubber Duc, Akkedis, Gerald Clark, Piet Botha, Stoker, Slow Jack, Stoker and many more!