• Artist Spotlight: "Keke"

    Keke Was Born to Sign Gospel and Has Devoted His Life to Doing Such...

  • Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Malope

    South Africa's Queen of Gospel....

  • Artist Spotlight: Rev. Benjamin Dube

    Take a look into the world of the visionary who is changing the gospel category not only in South Africa, but all over the world!

  • Passion 2016

    Since 1997, Passion Conferences has been at the forefront of world wide ministry and looks to bring religion, music, speakers, and arts to the masses. It allows individuals, typically age 18-25, to gather together in appreciation of what is going on in Christianity today all over the world. Typically held in the United States, Passion Conferences (Also known as the 268 Generation) are bringing their outstanding brand to South Africa in the coming months.

    Be A Part of the Movement!